I stretched into the uttering of the night
and heard my shelves clanking
A calm disposed
A stir
Whirls of whirls

I drew a pale moon breath
and starting counting
Purple liquidation of my tendons
Circles and Bursts
of spurting coffee flowers
My mouth, a slice of rose bush
Varicose compass lines bulging
My nose, a swirling pivot 
Quantum conundrums threading
Comes my hollow spinning dagger
Soaping me in violet glue webs

I claw at the sun's scorched hair
and arch to make an eclipse
Hold the moon in my belly
Shreds and shreds of osmotic blue
I speak wolf
My organs are a juniper nine
I am the new earth
I am the new earth
Pumping lupo crickets in this pelvic sky.

©Aakriti Kuntal


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