You mend the days
one by one
Sorting them into neat closets

Freeze them in February reservoirs
And leach the colors of 
September sage
You knead autumn leaves into
this carcass of mine

Burgundy fists sprawling
matchsticks near my mouth
Rub and rub
Seizures and Ruptures
Ambulance winds in this wreathed cavern
Your needle fingers are snapping now
Sakara Juniper bits
Ganges dams, resilient winds
Now step back
Bend and clutch
hold tight to that slippery gown

Crop by crop, inch and feathers
I shall slowly absolve
Lips meandering
still and still
into the slant of that Equinox light

Β© Aakriti Kuntal


4 thoughts on “Revive

      1. My pleasure Aakriti! You are blessed & best with words,i reblogged “Almond Broth” which is outstanding too.Keep writing πŸ™‚


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