You, my wheat stream of thick dusk.You waft. On these arid lips and concave lust.

You have glutton eyes chase you on wild roads.

I am a hustling burrow. Your life rolling down my humus slopes.

You, my corn and kidney beans. Dancing on summer drums and dreams.You bloom, your sunset flare capturing the lion hearts. A bronze foam twittering on your radioactive parts. A lilac boat. You row in the gleaming oases of my cactus laughs.

My land is a humble parchment. A scattered ensemble of shy moonflowers and coffee seeds. I plough rivers of your beauty.

You, my fumbling ice stream rush into the crevices  of my molten heart. Your placid lips sewing my flying cart . Gasping exchanges of rapid rubs and hasty squeezes. I am an awestruck galaxy.

You sit atop my foolish heart. An enormous bang in the stars.

© Aakriti Kuntal

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