via Daily Prompt: Shiver

White Cotton floss
these rainbow braids
Ties these soap thighs 
to the water mop chase

watch the dove fall
watch the dove fall

Antacid anthers
pink pollen and broccoli flowerets
and translucent rows
columns swallowing columns
Rapunzel sleeping in valleys
Watch my breaths infuriate
Phantom lavender rage

I border
this white silicon bed
with graphite toe steps
and Down
my breasts smashed against the ceiling nose
My bunched ribs
an entropic ribbon case

Powder, cloud and choke
Particle grief
suspended on my face
My face in a silver bowl
the room on my shoulders
cream whirls
vanilla fret ,vanilla stalk

Metal Oasis,
spell the name
spill it on my face
Ripple, ripple and paint
let these ceilings bathe
This room,
an anointment
my cheeks intersecting
shivers of his name
shivers of his name

© Aakriti Kuntal


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