slow and steady
Drop and rise
The sleeves have folded
and the iron skin is departing
in white crowds

Bellies of intangible rhythm,
Grow and contract
Wash the surf matter
and rinse my impermeable facial halls

Glass temperature reincarnating
between my bedroom voids,
Seep like rivulets
of entwined cardinal mouths
forking between my ring finger
and bean faltered flesh sounds

Shadow gardens
drop like babylon towers
Owls squatting on
my damp ink heart
My liver sheet crumples
into a cinderella pond
beckoning my cardboard spleen
to divide
and subtract
until I am a lantern corpse
rising with the tube-light ebbs
my breaths folding on my breast
onion glow songs,
odes to eaten stars
Calling from behind the ceiling,
(to my unhindered parts)
     aquiline cloud larks

© Aakriti Kuntal

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