Erin folded her lip into a paper boat and smuggled it to the smoke men.                                       Erin threaded the air with her nails and churned it in her fists.

Erin grasped molecular organs and watched them depart from finger gaps.                                Erin rolled her tongue and swallowed the sun.Erin is a bewitched green frog.

Erin took her stone pendant into her mouth and began to oscillate.Erin is a freaking frictionless pendulum.

Erin rubbed her heel against the UV rays and morphed into a sun stream.Erin is a crystalline Sun God.

Erin lay back, her back bristling against  lemongrass.Eating titanium pepper and Saturn’s donuts.

Erin is an eccentric dreamer.You finished reading this .You are just like Erin. : D

© Aakriti Kuntal

Picture : Aakriti Kuntal


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