Erica has bubble gum eyes. The kind that intervene with  radio waves and douse them with hints of idiosyncrasies.Erica was born in the pits of flabbergasted robot ants.

Erica wears water for a mask. Lucid,sometimes gluey,Fahrenheit variations, and iceberg temperament. Erica is an Eskimo and Martian hybrid.

Erica has organs that flutter. And lips that chew the penumbra of solar stares. A forehead of pebbles, she often finds herself in quantum conundrums. Erica lurks in the dungeons of winter dampness and lies on the frosted ground.For no reason.

Erica is an anomaly multiplied by the inverse of epsilon. Swaying along the rectangular trapezoidal pathways laying between the universal matrices.

Erica writes. Erica does not hesitate to write crazy. Do you hesitate to read?

© Aakriti Kuntal

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