Husk slips into my bosom
leaves under leaves
autumn carving my back
fingers racing, pastels and screams

Coconut rounds, ripe and fleshy
thread-work and fabric
clay mould around your neck
wetting like early morning daze
                beneath my chin
twitch and pluck
tendrils and nipples

I wear you,
coffee gardens and cardamom mouth
Dip in your velvet duvet
and begin to slither
daylight patterns
and body origami

I swallow the sun
as it scrapes your eyelid
and slopes down your hilly hair
I gulp
as your naval indents
and aligns my senses into a swirling blur
My palms,
drifting fault lines
on varicose forks and wine rings
Your thighs,
curving like water around my crotch
atoms cracking
slime and summer

Basilisk eye and fermented mouth,
shifting within me
Let me hold you
and spin
axis in axis, blood in blood, Eos in Rati

© Aakriti Kuntal
Photo : Aakriti Kuntal


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