Between the doorways
swim colours
pigments and patched bay
dried raisins and shrunk raspberries

Transverse flutters traverse
bunch and scatter
smear your ankles with foggy metrics, trebles
ductile sheets of frozen cyan
and sea horses snoring

Cohesion stems in corrosion
scaling, grape wrinkles and seeds of pallid teeth
You will see,
As winter sheds it all
contours and aquiline borders
white slants and hyperbolas
You will reverberate
when spores protrude from the centre of your mass
and engulf you in a lunar paranoia
Breath by breadth, dimensions and organs

Between the doorways
swim women with white lips
Colours in naval, and water through feet

Do not hesitate
When the seas obscure and ebb in your blasted cheek lines
A surpassing
An engulfment
When slate mercury drips from your peacock neck
and hooks an augury to the chin

Do not blink
When the unseen stretch their boat ribs
and draw cuts in your mouth
Spurn convulsions
Radio eyes and languid elbows
Fretting, wrangling
Descending into thin air channels

Do not fear
For only a few utter
The syllables of all realities
Ascend, be a woman with white lips
these rings of imposed chastity

© Aakriti Kuntal

Picture : Aakriti Kuntal

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