When the diya carves a mold from your flesh and peels
Gathers like moist clay
and assembles
(Soft, tenuous, a rapid mixture )
You gulp a shred of time
and fumigate
Smoke patterns, bouncing lights
Adjoin the lateral existence of
your various selves
(wrists paired)
And pour oil in your hands
Occurring between fault lines
and humid crevices
Dots and seeds, swastika and Orion

When the paints
start to chip and you draw with your gestures
A mahogany and sandalwood garden
in the air
You will feel your cheeks burn
Ferns of basil and thyme
plants coordinated into an echo
A swarming
A buzz
Beneath your ear lobe
A tingling, a nibble
flickering yellows sinking in your earthen belly
A tethering
A sublimation

When you drape the corridors
in twinkles of cherry red and lantern yellow
You will see slants and pieces
That resemble and dwindle
Shapes of your past
And present
As you run
(River feet, anklets clinging to the wholeness )
And the paper air
blows into your diaphragm
You will feel an inflation
An insurmountable vividness
A penetration
of textures
Closely inspecting your every cell, every corner
thigh to toe to chest
You will feel a surrender
sit on your naval
and begin to chant
And as you paper fold into a swan
on the wafting flavors of candle wax
You will know it is Diwali
When your stomach will burn
and your skin is bright as flame
And you are nothing short of a ceremony

(Overdue Diwali Post 🙂 , Happy Diwali to you )
©Aakriti Kuntal
Picture : Aakriti

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