Steps above steps
Steps below steps
Moonlight sonata
Daisy flares
Knock Knock
I'm here
Knock Knock
These skewed windows curve within their bulging cardboards
Peepholes appear in dust walls

Knock Knock
Hello ?
I'm bright
Swirling nights sleeping in my cherry shoe stride
I pull up a smile
Calcium and gluten
Peanuts and potatoes 
I'm a body and a bag
Very dense and much scattered

I am arched
Feet swaying
Sleeves flying
I am arched
Hello ?
I'm bright
I am sneaking 
inside this gridlock
made of my hands and eyes

I am arched
Hello, Me?
You seem a little dull tonight
But I am bright
Tiptoeing on the edges of sanity
I am so bright 
So bright
At this tea party of ours
Let me pluck you 
Petals and lips
And stare into you
Until you glow
Bright like I do 
Pulps of massacred lamps
plastered on these
cheekbones high
Glow white like I do 
At least 
the outside 
The outside is all that counts tonight 

Picture and words © Aakriti Kuntal

10 thoughts on “Flesh and clauses

  1. Hey!!’ll these thought knock on your mind,beautiful & refreshing always.
    Also wishes for a great new year ahead🎊🎈💐😊

    Liked by 1 person

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