These doors are breathless
Soaked in violets, carvings that disperse 
on flowing walls
It's majestic 
Isn't it darling?
How everything is fluid the moment 
your fingerprints scan my waistline

They think artists are doves with ribbon hats,
Lunatics on bicycles, how I sing in conjunction with them 
How I will always 
This room has condensed beneath your crystalline lip
I know as I struggle and leap
spread all over you, disfigure gently

I swallow the clutter in the clouds, stack it as beetle leaves
between my shadow teeth, 
Suspend on your gray thighs,
rubble and dark matter, I am dreaming
Oh, how I'm dreaming 
Harvest slipping like clinging moons on my seismic neckline 
I can feel it, the authority of sun, your finger scales, 
indentations, the gaps between your bones 
Their rhythm and ecstasy 
I know as your tongue twists my spine, bows and bouquets 
Your lip piercing my ear 
My cherished skin
once again thrumming 
It knows, it has known for a while now
The pattern of two falling beats

Β© Aakriti Kuntal


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