In these hands adjoined
I see blood
Blood, Like a curvature 
blood like a loose dialogue, stolen from the heel of my tongue
I drag, I drag
into where the words hang dry, paper weights onto lengthy bodies

I am standing 
in the arms of blood, 
Counting drop inside drop, 
as it saturates the color of my burning days
a dusty orange screen
a mesh, a filter, channels of red acupuncture points

I am a span of fingerprints
each bleeding its own tale
the lengths of fate, carved under wells and chopped wings

Let this rain harvest my head
My head spouting while irises retreat 
Let me attend the concert of life
and see why corner preludes corner, period eats circle and 
circle eats period
Let me fall into the burden of love
to see why it feels like blood
enormous and coursing
pumping and thrashing

Its bent fingers between my lips
Let me sink my teeth
and ingest, 
an uprise of hues 
Why blood erupts in seizures 
Like life in the face of death 

Image and words © Aakriti Kuntal

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