Quiet, darling.
The moon is quiet, O U t s i D E a quiet sky.
Cloud-after-cloud, Goddess Hecate stands
mischievous smile, equations on your face
bronze splinters, fire web, warmth and prowling

Quiet, darling.
The cave is burning.
            log- /against/ -log
            fire- (around) -fire
Men with orange eyes,
with resin cheeks and tapestry mouths
sit and roast minutes on a pyre

Sit.now.Sit.now.Sit.For now you must.

Your feet are brown from all the soles you trampled on.
The fire burns.Men with orange eyes stare at you.
a man with orange stirring corneas.
Sit.now.Sit.Now you must.

© Aakriti Kuntal
Image source: superfamous.com


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