Outside the window, a water sparrow sings
Rings of cobalt blue ink, ink as whirled legs, whirled sticks, umbrella pencil mouths
tiny coagulated mouths of loneliness drinking a deluge of cyan light

My hand pressed, detaining the thrumming night
strings of turquoise seize the curtain, blindfold my eyes
I am sound
Outside the window, water sings, waves penetrating waves, waves 
holding waves, waves burning waves, waves killing waves

I am a solid sound, cut into cubes, sliced boat on a sea palate, 
splinters, splinters, I am a solid sound, splinters and splinters
I am contained, I am all around

Outside the falling membrane of lucid walls and lopsided doors, 
life breathes, life sings, 
life penetrating life, life holding life, life burning life, 
life killing life

I expand these slingshot arms, cup the water sparrow, 
her belly like a cave of heated logs
her feathers in my eyes,  my eyes drowning in her feathers 
lips press tightly against strained chords
tiny clots of colors depart from my mouth

She looks at this quarantine of mind, these ailing arms, these ailing fingers,  
these echoes of blood, of sickness and drift

A hymn of red
Life awaits life,  Life still sings for life

#napowrimo Prompt: The Mystic Mariner
Image and words © Aakriti Kuntal

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