( Autism Awareness )

Boy with puzzles for a face
red velvet nose and warm hands
Coping with the motions of doors and windows
Darkness and light in a hammock, seesaw under strings

Your lips part under a scraped violet sky,
freckled cheeks like crayon drawings where 
only numbers live in those who have faces ordinary as day

I watch your fingers grab, hold, twist and play
I watch your fingers move around the
alleyways of air, trepidations, a stream of surfacing thoughts
Plucking at the thunderous chin of life, pulling it string by string,
( Buckets of washed sunlight )
watching the earth in her blue dress
and biting her seams, her feathers in your mouth

You turn around, look at life as it trickles into your mouth
And I wonder why 
Beauty always rests in disturbance 

I wonder and flex my knuckles, welcome your flaccid fingers as they 
pervade the black hole of my fist
Your eyes curling, your lips
flitting landscapes
of orange grass and ephemeral moments 
and I wonder how one cannot see that you are so much more alive

( Poem on Autism ) #napowrimo
© Aakriti Kuntal
Image source: Pablo.buffer.com


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