( A tribute to William Blake ) #napowrimo

Tyger, Tyger that once burned bright
Your feral prints echo in this summer light
Once written in a child’s notebook
Now you are striped, a motionless clock
singing beneath a motionless sky

You pranced and prowled over soils of the South
took the hum of nights into your mouth
I told you mine and you told me yours
now we stir like needles, solitude of hours
curling inside the dreamless eye

They gave and took, a shadow and some light
murder, murder, the forest is piled, sheets of plight
They sin and sin, burning, burning
language and winds, burning, burning
like a blinking eye inside the ring, we draw ire
and fall silent as the night 

© Aakriti Kuntal
Image source: Flicker Edits: AK

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