Hands-are-Shelves (viii) ( Final )

I found hope
on a soiled bed
writhing beside me
She said that her body was a madhouse
that she had harbored too many
That she was guilty
of unfathomable sins

I took the bed sheet
with its frenzied pattern of oranges and levitating leaves
Slid my head into its bat cave
Knots take knots with such endearment
It’s almost inhuman

I offered hope
the final lotus from my spurting red naval
Said it’s alright
My case of white teeth gleaming
like a circus for the inner child
I said it’s alright
that you take one more
where you have taken so many
My sisters are all now ready to fly

I draw carbon
with spinning arms of loose light
The whiteness of the night
piercing my shell eye
Slivers of lost glaciers
course rapidly through my liquid mouth
And just like magic
In a wink
I disappear

A murmur of fatal nights

© Aakriti Kuntal

9 thoughts on “A-little-hope-is-a-red-thing

  1. Doing a series takes much discipline. Bat caves, gel mouth, liquid mouth and constant struggle against hope. The title is the masterpiece. Thanks for sharing, Aakriti.


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