I’ve come to know
you, your distant body,
its horizons
as you tread the uneven earth
Her lotuses always tearing your gel mouth

You, the Messiah, Batman of Monte Cristo
trying to save it all
to save yourself

I’ve known how to deflate in my
girth, sorrow meeting sorrow
As I think of you
walking again
Your cape of harrowing death, sickle bodies of broken Beethoven fingertips
across rivers: Mississippi and Ganges
Moist, weeping, ripples swallowing ripples
Pain is an infinitely adamant bowl.

Your skin is melting,
wax on a blank body, drifting shoulder blades
Its ceramic wavelengths burning across air suffocated fists of prismatic air, falling electrons, Diluted spectrum of agony
Skin ceasing to dust
Dust flooding my bones, dust chewing palm trees
Dust killing mountains

Your skin is melting
as you turn and bend and fall and fall and walk and fall and walk
Yet you take no notice, cellophane energies circling the iris,
Entire forests clinging to your
rotting hands, blood curled in starry cocoons

Telling me through embroidered bluish lips
how pain is the second skin of all beauty
And my two red feet,
once again,
wish to rise in dust.

Image and Words © Aakriti Kuntal


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