Romancing with the evening
offering the body like a ritual

Streams of air
construct like rivers above the stomach
Fluids and sediments
lisping along the naval
Thighs submerged in atmospheric slush

I take my lacking fingers
and uproot the throbbing lip
of the swollen sienna
Lip crests above lip
Foreground              Underground
Potion, Lotion          Softness, Crusts, Crumbs
redness, tension, adhesives
Tenuous, elastic
dirt dust, dirt dust
congruence     orgasm

Inside the circumference of the naval
a forest is lit
Tubes and tunnels of temperature unwind
The lumberjack walks in arrogance
Life likes to take without permission
what it gave without permission

I inhale the slippery face of night
My nostrils cold
as mountain ranges

Life’s favorite romance is with death

© Aakriti Kuntal Image Source:

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