Does body cremate itself in time
or is it time
that is cremated in the body?

Restless hours hang by the door knob
Quietly observing the spin of skin
Spewing black tar over trails, transparent skeletons become of days
Flaky matter, fingers decorated on walls, imprints, plaster chipping,
Valleys and paint recoloring marble squares

The shadow walks like a detached face
Purest in the night
Atom meeting atom, color killing color
Softly, swallowing all sounds,
it finds a way into the larynx, fingers spreading in the esophagus
Collecting the deepest lament of the voice

It draws a map beneath the eye,
the map of a noise, syllables squirming,
Rattlesnakes, seismic fractures in the
Invasion of air, invasion of dust

All light is a refugee in the body
Flitting scales, itch, flashes and glitter
All light is a purple throb

night slithers
Her ionized hair curtailing all movement of the skies


Image and poem Β© Aakriti Kuntal

18 thoughts on “Through Time and Body

  1. Ionized hair…when I googled for your surname it was the meaning. Here you’re referring to the death’s hair and its face is purest in night. Death, life, rebirth are one constant flux in the memory where continuity is projected by the connector of ego. Every moment we die, only to be renewed again. It was a joy to read your observations. πŸ™‚


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