I bend my ear, fingers encompassing
its parabolic lobe
The twitch comes with an unusual pain
Like a remembrance

Bark detaches from Bark
Peeling of oneself
is not as complicated as it seems
We all do it,Ā 
The retreating paw of time
scratching its own absorption

We build ourselves in memories
over and over, mowing of grass
Soils: Marsh red within damp orange
Cleave the skin to inherit it once again
It is where we are cut, after all,
that we truly begin

The regeneration of a lizard
is not to overcome its loss
But to defy it

Image and Poem Ā© Aakriti Kuntal15-07-2017

11 thoughts on “Regeneration

  1. The regeneration of ourselves, the digital world within, and the regeneration of the universe itself.

    Gosh! you are my favorite poet and I think I told you this before but you really are.

    I’m bless to know such a talented & gifted writer like yourself you writes surrealism of poetic feel just like me. šŸ™‚


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