Day 3 #napowrimo

Spread out like a tangential curve,
perched on window balconies,
I would stare at each line of the sun as it rubbed another

The sky was my favorite thing, how if I lay horizontally,
departed from the forces of gravity and the
will of life, everything was united, untied

A quiet murmur would rush across the diaphragm,
knots and levers humming slowly in joy
I was a djinn, I didn’t belong to this planet

In the hospital room, a pigeon perched on the tooth
of a transmission tower
The flammable pink flakes on its neck glistening at
an unbearable rate
Pigeons, I know them, they have been constant companions
Pecking in hostel rooms, getting pregnant
right before my eyes, then laying black insidious creatures
that slowly transformed into a yarn of fuchsia skin

The sky here is a white ceiling,
a large yellow light attempts to disembowel the mind
I stare into its infinite brightness
Nothing returns

In my balcony, the leaves speak to each other
I can feel their electrical voices as my fingers rush
across their seamless lips

The sky is now spread across the vertical face of the day,
coagulated and starched as if announcing its infinite
dominion over us
In my balcony, a single sparrow,
the chirping so sweet it splits my skin

© Aakriti Kuntal

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