Day 6 #napowrimo #prompt ‘If

If I slit the universe into cubes,
I would find some fish and a few leaves

The sea would take the curves of my hand
and itself become a shrine in infinity

If I slit a sphere into wedges,
I would find some fans and bird wings

the fans of wings in motion, sliced air in wheels,
speed creating illusions across time and dreams

If I slit the moon in the furthest window,
I would find some craters and an ancient light

I will hiss along its rotation and ponder
if time and light are both illusions of being

If I slit my hair into black dreams
I would find a century of the body’s screams

The DNA pulsing and the deadness chilling,
a restful place between dead and living

If I slit my tongue as it arches across walls
I would find some blood and flowers of spleen,

I would collect them in two cups,
measure them, their inequalities,

then through them,
mock, revere and mourn this whimsical reality

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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