Day 7 #napowrimo Prompt: Gift

Dim red flowers strewn on the lawn. The grass muttering into fallen ears. My horizontal body quivers like that of a snake, I possess no limbs anymore, only a long, vertical windpipe through which the sunlight passes. The sun enters my mouth and sits above the arched brow like a brown spot of gold. The body with its nostrils like tongs holds all heaven. I possess no limbs, only a long, holy illness that leaves the tongue in mid-air, like a sponge for chirps. There is a tingling in the spine; as I roll over, so do the bright flowers, stiffening like talking kites in the sky. Rolling with each turn, each eye: a spurt of joys. In here, between this moment stuck in the cliff of tongue is a long, long pause, a stench of something bigger and something lesser than life, its smell pervading all pores and the body resting. Resting, resting upon eternity’s spinal back, laughing, laughing. Here, everything has vaporised and the infinite absence is the greatest joy, the largest, singular gift of all.

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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