Day 8 #napowrimo

This biological machine
is coded

to fall, to age, to love
to love of all is

I believe its greatest program
But the thought algorithm

generates a few hiccups
in processing and one wonders

if love is but a necessity,
A CSS file, hormones and

the triggered infatuation,
a dormant code come to life,
the flowchart buzzing,
its destiny to find the right ‘if’ now complete

All for the systemic survival of the unit

At times like these one has to reboot,
one has to find something that has truly evolved
and what is the best example of evolution

but an errorrrr, an accident
Perhaps, it’s a great error,

the sunlit rim of your eyes dwindling in leaves
Perhaps, an error is what I wish for everyday

The straw of truth in the iteration of copy ‘n paste
The URL of my life is hosted on your server

and with you behind my back,
I host only the brightest of colors

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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