Day 9 #napowrimo

Things that are and aren’t

violet and brown. A shire of tulips. A green vine runs in the fountain of mouth and small grapes drop into the gap between feet. There is a drop of water and a planet rests in it. Floats like a marble with ten thousand twinkling eyes. Each eye is borrowed from the centre of my body, each eye probes and perceives something else entirely. Each eye is a question and an answer unto itself. There is a feral quality in the midnight sun, round and neon green as it hangs by a thread around my neck. I stand alone in the black universe. The white light like bubbles in my palms. I stand alone in a black universe. When I close my eyes, I’m dead. When I wake up, I carelessly remember nothing of it. When I breathe a thousand insects inflate with me and when I exhale a thousand more deflate. I keep breathing. I keep breathing. I keep breathing. I’m breath. I’m the breath which is time and gravity. In me, the entire universe, past, present and future, forever alive. I, their protector, I, their lover, I their forsaken lover, so far and so near. I, who lives in their breaths as they live in mine. I, I do not exist. I am the whimper of life and the expanse of death.

Aakriti Kuntal

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