Day 11 #napowrimo #prompt:origin


Calcium teeth dream in floss
The dentist’s ray laser in the shark tank of saliva

The ear doctor
has kind words for prescription
‘You’re just 26. Life must go on.’

In the mirror, I watch the face The blank stare
bouncing back and forth There I stand
in a kaleidoscope of white thoughts
hyphens and dashes hung in scrolls wrought

When I was 15. I sat on narrow balconies
Joy was the bite of breeze on checkered skin
I would stare as the world froze in my palm
Then make of the fist an ice lark
The entire world squeezed in The blue sky crinkled

Those were the days of love.
I could stare at a small spot on the wall and love it.
It was this love this unknown sigh of all living things that I carried in the throbbing vein

It was a cream moth

At midnight it smoked into the memory of sun
and the black eye fell in it
In its lake of coarse dreams

I’ve been thinking of playing music for the girls in hospital rooms.

They think of patients as more dead than living. You can see it in the apathy, in the ugly swell of pity.

I would rub Air by Bach into the white walls and think that the walls would heal;
After all they must remember
the slashed beat of my heart,
the funnel of blood in the throat

Sometimes it’s worthless. This endurance.
This continuation of things.

One night, a few months back, I climbed to the edge of the roof
and ate the moon

It was pitch dark
It was pitch dark

But a single flower fell into my eye
How could I not give it all?

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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