Day 11 #napowrimo Prompt: Origin

The body is a shell
a conch that hums to the vital slit

I stand before the giant sea
Its stirring waters eroding my feet
I’m travelling through time
This moment is a catapult in green

The eye of the sea is gray and orange
Its caught a thousand sunsets and a thousand nights
but it knows not what it is
So it burns with both earth and sky,
in both shadow and skin

It walks,
its tongue muddy brown
I yearn to slip into it, slide like a coin into webs
To lie down,
immerse the head, the body, the restless legs
and skin

I wish to lie
and hold the sieve of sand in the clacking
of my chest bones
Return bit by bit, sound by sound,
movement by movement
into the frantic streams

The body is a shell.
The first organism took birth in water.
I lie, my flat stomach collecting
all the stars from the liquid’s memory
An entire constellation on the belt around my navel
My crotch traversing at the speed of light
and on the nipple,
a single burden,
the song of first life and the eternal sea

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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