Day 16 #napowrimo Prompt: A list starting with the same words

The feet are frogs in water and neon fish in deep seas.
The feet are nimble feathers on a lover’s arched column and skin.
The feet are never alone.
The feet share dreams together in closed spaces.
The feet are baffled everyday by the air’s uncertainty.
The feet are spirals that fan the charged stratosphere.
The feet are balls that slide without their ally friction.
The feet are fleshy prongs that conjure flute music.
The feet know the desperation of air.
The feet know the loneliness of soil.
The feet know dentures and stone eyes.
The feet hold the pulse of an entire body.
The feet know every organ and its cabbage dreams.
The feet press into every uncharted territory.
The feet alone know the feeling of responsibility.
The feet know Pascal and life’s immense beauty.
The feet are akin to shoulders, they carry the weight of everything.
The feet are constantly ignored unless a woman decides to paint them free.
The feet know the bosom of grass and the clutches of damp streams.
The feet continuously defy gravity.
The feet know the spindle of stillness and the swiftness of hops.
The feet can stand still for centuries.
The feet are octopuses in sleep.
The feet are cactus in half-dreams.
The feet are crabs in nightmares and pixies in the sun’s sheen.
The feet, the feet, they are magnificent things,
knowing when to tether and when to fall,
when to rise and when to soar.

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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