#day18 #napowrimo

Eye shut blue burn
In the thick smoke,
a hand roams

A single hand,
Five fingers,
Groping everything in sight

So much desperation
What could hold so much desperation
but a hand?
So much despair
What could hold so much despair
but a hand?

The palm swings like an electric noose

Droplets of blood
in the dome sky
Each muttering to the other
Cackles, a catacomb of whispers
Laughter, laughter, laughter

What precedes death but laughter?

In the thick smoke,
A tilted face, cold rubble eyes
Searching, Searching, Searching

What is the name of this
this funnel ?
This funnel
that stares back
Cold, cold, cold

A nightmare in green
The body in pulp and piss
Splitting, splitting,
no more solid

Now only a stare
Now only a hand
Nothing to reach
Nothing at all

A singular sound pervading all

The chatter of red, canine teeth hustling in the dark

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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