#day20 #napowrimo

Should I ask you when it began?

When is that exact moment in the sky’s records?
That fat stick of time
with a bubblegum taped to its memory

when we first fell in love…

Was it then,
when your voice came seeping
through the telephone,
unusually common and I didn’t take notice

but it entered the ear hole
and started to build waves after waves?

You laugh and say perhaps it was
that first cloud, the one like a blue raisin in the sky,
when the wind was suffocating the side of my cheek

I tell you that it was my feet
when I put them against the car’s window
That’s how we charted our first course,

that’s where we began to hum like
a chirping bird in its scaffolded chest

But then we both nod
and we don’t need to say it
but we say it anyway

It was the lavender tree,
The one where we stood stunned
Beauty can do that,
demand that reverence

We sat there where an old couple
asked us to take pictures of them
and our insides flustered at the thought of pink love

It was then,
a black insect flew
and put its needle tooth in my finger
and you held my hand for the very first time

The same thing
happened this year,
on the very same date

I think of it as an auspicious thing now
This pain, this slice of pain,
a boomerang in the calf of thumb

This slice of pain is where it must have begun

Like all things of love,
with an ounce of blood and touch

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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