#Day23 #napowrimo #Prompt: #Animal


water springing
Slush white, white eye
Half-moon eye A burning galaxy
and the red dimness
hovering in the shadow of cup

A Premonition

A final leap
and then blood

The serpent rises like mud from the Earth’s lap

Abandoned by all,
it has not the face for love

It crawls the slippery soil, its sewn under-valleys,
the dense, secret holes in amber

The serpent,
hissing alone under the clear, blue sky

hissing, hissing, hissing,
an enormous restlessness,
an eternal restlessness biting its tongue


The serpent became

when the earth fell
and the first star collapsed

brown, molten, striped
like the Earth’s mad forehead

Tears, streams, violent spurts
The serpent became

when the earth fell
rising like the mud’s only wail
filled with murder and rage
It rotates its only head

in eternal restlessness
Rising, hissing, rising,
traversing nights and days

with its limbs stripped,
its unusual body of slime

traversing the very boundaries of earth
in murderous thirst,
an orphaned star

©️ Aakriti Kuntal

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