Stratospheric Seduction

Romancing with the evening
offering the body like a ritual

Streams of air
construct like rivers above the stomach
Fluids and sediments
lisping along the naval
Thighs submerged in atmospheric slush

I take my lacking fingers
and uproot the throbbing lip
of the swollen sienna
Lip crests above lip
Foreground              Underground
Potion, Lotion          Softness, Crusts, Crumbs
redness, tension, adhesives
Tenuous, elastic
dirt dust, dirt dust
congruence     orgasm

Inside the circumference of the naval
a forest is lit
Tubes and tunnels of temperature unwind
The lumberjack walks in arrogance
Life likes to take without permission
what it gave without permission

I inhale the slippery face of night
My nostrils cold
as mountain ranges

Life’s favorite romance is with death

© Aakriti Kuntal Image Source:

A Conjunction of Poets


These doors are breathless
Soaked in violets, carvings that disperse 
on flowing walls
It's majestic 
Isn't it darling?
How everything is fluid the moment 
your fingerprints scan my waistline

They think artists are doves with ribbon hats,
Lunatics on bicycles, how I sing in conjunction with them 
How I will always 
This room has condensed beneath your crystalline lip
I know as I struggle and leap
spread all over you, disfigure gently

I swallow the clutter in the clouds, stack it as beetle leaves
between my shadow teeth, 
Suspend on your gray thighs,
rubble and dark matter, I am dreaming
Oh, how I'm dreaming 
Harvest slipping like clinging moons on my seismic neckline 
I can feel it, the authority of sun, your finger scales, 
indentations, the gaps between your bones 
Their rhythm and ecstasy 
I know as your tongue twists my spine, bows and bouquets 
Your lip piercing my ear 
My cherished skin
once again thrumming 
It knows, it has known for a while now
The pattern of two falling beats

© Aakriti Kuntal


Eos in Rati

Husk slips into my bosom
leaves under leaves
autumn carving my back
fingers racing, pastels and screams

Coconut rounds, ripe and fleshy
thread-work and fabric
clay mould around your neck
wetting like early morning daze
                beneath my chin
twitch and pluck
tendrils and nipples

I wear you,
coffee gardens and cardamom mouth
Dip in your velvet duvet
and begin to slither
daylight patterns
and body origami

I swallow the sun
as it scrapes your eyelid
and slopes down your hilly hair
I gulp
as your naval indents
and aligns my senses into a swirling blur
My palms,
drifting fault lines
on varicose forks and wine rings
Your thighs,
curving like water around my crotch
atoms cracking
slime and summer

Basilisk eye and fermented mouth,
shifting within me
Let me hold you
and spin
axis in axis, blood in blood, Eos in Rati

© Aakriti Kuntal
Photo : Aakriti Kuntal


Linger and Throb

I smoke
the moments like fireflies
watch them wander
pick and eat
my throbbing wine nest

I cross fingers
knit a warm puddle
the incense
         of departure
(Watermelon seeds on roasted skin)

My lips are a henna castle
crisp and charred
lumps of  flying calendars
gravity wars and columns of decay
Do you see
the nets wilting ?
spooning like mushrooms beneath my ear

My chest is an almond,
chipped and whipped
smouldering autumn grains
and coins
A  deafness,
syllables running dry
like autumn hands within washed tendons

© Aakriti Kuntal
Picture : Aakriti Kuntal

Lovers’ Autumn

Sweetened September, 
calcified on the horizon 
I have slept for decades in your velvet duvet

The beach suns
have grown cortisol records in my knees
and the cleaved clouds
have started to sweat around my veering arms

I awake 
to the plums taped on the refrigerator 
and granular bullets coalescing into umbrella skies 
I awake 
and feel fumes in my enzymes 
Combustible, sneaky 
My hollow jaws
swallowed in the interstate of this heaviness
I lie,
an inflammable toy
wheeling in your breath
tethered to your trailing eyes

and ashes

© Aakriti Kuntal
Picture : Aakriti Kuntal



swollen lip
charred leaf
crumbling on my skin fetters
Have you awoken yet ?

I rubbed my head
Powder smoke
Aerial violets
Lawns gilded with amorous petal shakes 
I came the other night
rubbed my head on your catholic dress
and shivered like a willy light
in my own palm
to the lantern's smoldering cloth face

Amber sun litters your wondrous gown
Waters bleed within your capillary swimsuit
and colder 
Have you crinkled too much ? Tell me now

sleeves of tandem
the wick of purple mirrors
rumbling ever more,
your mid-earth wail shifting
on my morning bosom spades
Violet skin, Godly wrath
I have defied your satin gait
Tell me now
Is it too late ?
Is it too late ?

© Aakriti Kuntal
Picture : Aakriti Kuntal

Walnut mouth

via Daily Prompt: Silence

uncertain and prodding
crumbling on lava lands
a tale without a tail
(or a head)

You shake
your mouth, a pinch of walnuts
stuffed and redeeming
cream and oil
embroidered to the knotted tongue
singing like a pine cone into an abyss of dismal reality

They gave you 
shudder and stench
viole(n)t wrench
sores and boils flaking your bared hilltop dress
You stand
iodine chasing in circles
You stand, lips knitted to the departed hour hands
You flick
ever so slightly
A certain rainfall, I see
Assamese tea
in partaken valleys
boiling, boiling

© Aakriti Kuntal


Striped Mornings

This morning is red cacti
growing over my pattern thighs
Sun discs and pitched 
tents of bent light

I wake up to the currents in the ceiling
My body rising like a thermometer
Your voice
slipping through my cracks
or am I conceiving the beautiful things ?

I lie flat,
an alga in thrown waters
waters shaping ferns
moments in a quilt
shivering in the winter sun
I cannot see
past the past
I cannot see

© Aakriti Kuntal




Robes of pollen
tear and make cloth on the floor
Grass roots and strewn valley seeds
I know their fabric,
the textures that swallow and form

I know they have
  rented ledge homes and slept in Siberian mattresses
Broken and edge or two
only to be soaped in endearing shivers

waving, shaking their tiny heads
Penguin colors 
  and tortoise eyes
I know they know
They know I know
(the nod of a giant rumor slurping)
We know
what it's like
      to be constantly on the search for love

© Aakriti Kuntal


Venus & tHE pantheR

Shrinking blue swirl,
buzzing like a defeated moth in my mouth

Lift your shivering eclipse
and let me walk in
adorned in fragments of gold

I am the sweep
of the last lightning
Still waiting to palpitate
on your lotion chest
Let me pin you to the vacuum
and enter you
 immolating suns
Combust and hum
Combust and hum

© Aakriti Kuntal


via Daily Prompt: Shiver

White Cotton floss
these rainbow braids
Ties these soap thighs 
to the water mop chase

watch the dove fall
watch the dove fall

Antacid anthers
pink pollen and broccoli flowerets
and translucent rows
columns swallowing columns
Rapunzel sleeping in valleys
Watch my breaths infuriate
Phantom lavender rage

I border
this white silicon bed
with graphite toe steps
and Down
my breasts smashed against the ceiling nose
My bunched ribs
an entropic ribbon case

Powder, cloud and choke
Particle grief
suspended on my face
My face in a silver bowl
the room on my shoulders
cream whirls
vanilla fret ,vanilla stalk

Metal Oasis,
spell the name
spill it on my face
Ripple, ripple and paint
let these ceilings bathe
This room,
an anointment
my cheeks intersecting
shivers of his name
shivers of his name

© Aakriti Kuntal